PSS e-book 5: GPC/SEC Applications

Part 5 of the PSS e-book series has just been released. It covers “GPC/SEC Applications" and features the sections:

  • Product registration and REACH
  • Quantify and get more than molar mass averages
  • Protein analysis with size exclusion chromatography
  • Calibration using broad standards
  • The art of analyzing high molar mass samples
  • Branching analysis
  • GPC/SEC for membrane filter analysis
  • “Upside down”  - Inverse GPC for pore size distributions


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What are the PSS e-books?

Since February 2007 GPC/SEC Tips&Tricks are published bimonthly in LCGC Europe's The Column. These Tips&Tricks have been developed by PSS for LC/GC Europe and are designed to support GPC/SEC users providing comprehensive overviews on different aspects of this powerful technique.

Many readers collect these publications and approached us for a collection. This resulted in plans to publish 5 e-books, each book based on 5-8 different Tips & Tricks publications updated with the latest information, new examples and figures.

The topics of these e-books will reflect the different sections

  • GPC/SEC Theory and Background
  • GPC/SEC Columns
  • GPC/SEC Detection
  • GPC/SEC Troubleshooting
  • GPC/SEC Applications



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