WinGPC 8.3 SR 3 available

Enhanced data integrity, less mouse clicks - more automation, streamlined operation

PSS is proud to release WinGPC UniChrom 8.3 Service Release 3 build 9050 with the new and enhanced functionality.


  • Support for Windows 10 up to 1903 update
  • WinGPC Data Safe for higest data security (Compliance Pack)
  • Unified WinGPC logbooks for multi-user installations with highest convenience
  • Support for SECcurity² injector sample pre-treatment
  • ChromPilot Driver Updates:
    • PSS SECcurity/ SECcurity² systems and modules
    • Agilent Systems
  • Sequence Manager visualizes automation status
  • New ReportDesigner variable for Client/Server user folders (ReportDesigner)
  • Enhanced user interface based on PSS Usability Lab
  • System Check Utility update


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What is WinGPC UniChrom MCDS?

WinGPC is the superior software suite for all analyst working with (Bio)polymers, Proteins and Polysaccharides.
It is a Macromolecular Chromatography Data System (MCDS) designed for GPC/SEC/GFC, IPC, 2D and more supporting all LC techniques and all dectection techniques.

It is available as

  • WinGPC Data Evaluation
  • WinGPC MultiWorkStation
  • WinGPC Client/Server

to match any requirements.

WinGPC is fully validated and in accordance with national and international standards. The optional Compliance Pack adds enhanced traceabilty and data integrity. 



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