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We Care for Your Samples

At PSS analytical services division we address each sample with the highest of priority in adherence to our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification and standard methodologies.

We routinely run thousands of customer samples each year using various standard methodologies, at customers request or implementing the client's conditions.

How PSS Can Help

Analysis based on Regulations

PSS provides contract analysis based on national and international standards. Discover more...

Failure Analysis/ Stability Testing

Polymer failure analysis can be a challenge. Have differences in molar mass, composition or formulations detected. Discover more...

R&D Analysis/ Deformulations

New, complex structured, and high-tech macromolecules require adequate characterization. Discover more...

(Incoming) Quality Control

Outsource your analysis or work with our experts identifying the best method. Discover more...

Learn More

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Dr. Daniela Held talks about Pharmaeuropa/US Pharmacopeia LWH Heparin analysis. View...

Video: 2D Polymer Analysis

Dr. Martina Adler talks about 2-dimensional chromatography of polymers. View...

Video: REACH Polymer Status

Friedhelm Gores talks about the 'polymer' REACH definition. View..

Podcast: Adventures in (Bio)polymer Analysis

How can PSS help and what samples are challenging to analyze? Listen...


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